Lethbridge Transit and Ground Passenger Transportation

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Royal Taxi

Lethbridge, Alberta
Telephone: 403-328-5333
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Daytrek Tours

Lethbridge, Alberta
Telephone: 403-320-8687
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Fifth Avenue Cabs

Lethbridge, Alberta
Telephone: 403-381-1111
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Lethbridge Cabs Ltd

Lethbridge, Alberta
Telephone: 403-327-4005
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Carefree Express Ltd

Lethbridge, Alberta
Telephone: 403-327-7200
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Chinook Tours Inc

Lethbridge, Alberta
Telephone: 403-320-0039
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Classic Era Limousine

Lethbridge, Alberta
Telephone: 403-320-9839
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Exotic International Travel

Lethbridge, Alberta
Telephone: 403-320-9999
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Greyhound Lines Of Canada Ltd

Lethbridge, Alberta
Telephone: 403-327-1551
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Executive 4 Star Limousine

Lethbridge, Alberta
Telephone: 403-329-5466
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Just For You Limousines

Lethbridge, Alberta
Telephone: 403-320-0304
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National Motor Coach

Lethbridge, Alberta
Telephone: 403-328-6996
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Mcbride & Groom

Lethbridge, Alberta
Telephone: 403-331-2689
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Industries in the Transit and Ground Passenger Transportation subsector include a variety of passenger transportation activities,such as urban transit systems; chartered bus, school bus, and interurban bus transportation; and taxis. These activities are distinguished based primarily on such production process factors as vehicle types, routes, and schedules. In this subsector, the principal splits identify scheduled transportation as separate from nonscheduled transportation. The scheduled transportation industry groups are Urban Transit Systems, Interurban and Rural Bus Transportation, and School and Employee Bus Transportation. The nonscheduled industry groups are the Charter Bus Industry and Taxi and Limousine Service. The Other Transit and Ground Passenger Transportation Industry group includes both scheduled and nonscheduled transportation. Scenic and sightseeing ground transportation services are not included in this subsector but are included in Subsector 487, Scenic and Sightseeing Transportation. Sightseeing does not usually involve place-to-place transportation; the passenger's trip starts and ends at the same location.